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Driving Down Memory Lane


Remember the good old days, when after school you’d jump into your friends car (for those of us who had a car, or for that matter had a drivers license) and go for a ride? Well, maybe we can relive some of those days. From time to time we will invite all of you to jump in and take a ride with us down Nostalgia Lane. We will drive around and visit some of the hot spots from our past. Don’t want to tell us when you were at East Side? That’s okay, we have our ways! Each trip will include a quiz (hey, we are talking about school aren’t we?) with some nostalgia questions. Your answers will say a lot about when you first became a Red Raider.

Ready for a ride? Hop in, let’s go for a spin.

As high school students food was always an important topic, and the Ironbound and nearby areas have always provided lots of great options. Today’s quiz: Have you ever eaten at or gotten food from:

The Ramp
The Dugout
Tom and Josephine’s
Fat Dan’s
Tony DiConeca’s
Don’s 21
Teddy’s Polish Deli
The Spanish Tavern
The Fountain in Belleville
Andro’s Diner
Fernando’s Steak House
Bergamatto’s Bakery
Texeira’s Bakery
Top’s Diner
Angelo’s Lunch Counter
Caruso’s (by the river)
Santa Lucia Pizzaria
The Oak Room at Haines
Senna’s Ice Cream Parlor
The Italian Ice place at 5 corners

Ride’s over. I’ll drop you off in your kitchen so you can grab something from the fridge while you are thinking about all of that great food. Next time we will talk about all of these great spots, and then we’ll visit some others. Thanks for joining us on our ride. See you again soon!