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Alumni Quotes

"Someone must have signed me up at birth for this..."
Dario Nogueira, '96

"It's perfect, how can you improve on perfection?"
Karl Petry, '70

Keeps an old alumni up-to-date. Yearbooks terrific.
Andrew Nogueira, '55

Always Leaving Us Much Needed Information!
Manuela Dos Santos Gonnella, '80

Although I have not yet participated reuniting is a good thing!
Bob Koval, '69

Don't quote that, that was just for your info!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr. Dario.
Joan Abin, '64

Working tirelessly for the benefit of all Red Raider Alumni!
Steve Goldenberg, '64

You've reached out and touched my life...... all over again!!
Debbie (Quack) Quacquarini, '73

The Alumni Association is doing a fabulous job keeping a connection between old and young strong.
Joanie Pikul, '71

Allegiance to a neighborhood is important. Long live East Side!
Louise Castronova, '68

You've done an outstanding job. Thank you!
Diane Zeck Rebello, '65

Elizabeth Petro Garris, '61

The alumni association, what a pain in the ball sack!
Carlos Filian, '96

You’re the man, you’re the man, you’re…
Jorge Abragao, '96

Someone had to take the reins and lead so far so good!
Larry Hamlet, '69

It's amazing that 900 people are attending a reunion, congrats!
Maritza Fuentes, '75

You're doing an excellent, thorough job. Thanks .
Julia Valdes Popp, Jan. '51

Used Classmates but Dario/Alumni are the best for news updates.
Sonia Parra-Apel, '71

The Alumni association has extended the bond of all those that graduated!
John A. Martucci, '67

Great Job , Totally dedicated, !!!!!!!!!
Jose Mojica Jr, '65

A tough job done with perfection, understanding of others and a really great site to revisit our past, present and future classes.
Linda Busto Esposito, '64

Personally, I think everyone is doing a great job.
Kathy Crosta, '75

You have put body and soul into this fantastic celebration.
Rosa Tarvar Mason, '67

You and the staff are doing a fantastic job!!!
Joe Piccini, '62

Live – Laugh – Love - class of 91 (Mari Valente)
Mari Simao, '91

Commendable, considerate, and really from the Heart.
Conrad Pfeifer, '55

Our Alumni Association is a - Honest, loyable and friendship working association!
Maria Elsa Cunha Rocha, '79

I don’t know who you are referring to as “ we “ within the alumni association. If it weren’t for you and all your hard efforts with communication and attention to details, I would not have attended this event. You are to be commended for all your fine work. You may want to consider running for Mayor of Newark.
Tony Campanaro, '59

I think the Alumni Association is a good thing and is doing a good job.
Margaret (Marge) Salsano Tato, '48

You are doing a great job. I give you an "A PLUS".
Joseph F Pizutelli, '56

Outstanding, wonderful, keep up the great job.
Joan Judge Pfeifer, '55

The Alumni Association is: Informative, creative, insightful, nostalgic. They are simply the BEST!
Kay Sesta Davis, '65

You are all very special and dedicated people! Good Luck!
Isabelle Rispoli Alfano, '63

Truth be known, I really don't know much about the association itself, but I have a clue or two about Dario and they're all positive clues. He's been wonderfully forthcoming with information, which I'm sure is culled by the entire association, but it comes to us from Dario and it's always presented with a sense of humor and a strong sense of community
Tama Flynn, '64

Go ESHSAA! Connecting generations who love being Red Raiders!
Beverly Lynn Ballard, '69